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Do you need to develop your speaking or writing abilities? Do you need one-on-one short- or long-term classes  from a professional?

We can help you better understand why you do what you do.

  • Brand Storytelling

  • Public Speaking

  • Accent Reduction

Brand Storytelling:

Do you need a clear and compelling narrative to sell your services to customers?

  • Learn all the public speaking skills listed below

  • Develop your brand through unique and compelling narratives

  • Use storytelling, simple and clear organization, and vivid imagery to grow your brand

  • Receive professional content writing coaching or services to write blogs, script and deliver vlogs, and how to deliver consistently branded content across all of your online platforms

Public Speaking: 

We have experience helping professionals–especially engineers and IT specialists–share their ideas with mixed audiences. 

  • Speech Writing 

  • Stage PresenceConfidence, & Speech Anxiety

  • Delivery such as Non-Verbal Communication, Movement, Gestures, HANDS!

  • Voice Coaching, Breath Control

  • Telling your Story as a Diverse Professional

Our Accent Reduction Program:

Would you like to gain confidence as a speaker?

  • A thorough evaluation and report of your speech

  • An individualized plan to transform your accent

  • A free textbook, lesson materials, and recordings of sessions

  • Lessons on how to pronounce the phrases, vocabulary, and slang specific to your industry

  • Lessons on the accent spectrum between your native language and American English

  • As a multicultural person and longterm ESL coach, I offer a culturally sensitive approach

Mindfulness and Relaxation 

(This is more a method I use as an added bonus than a stand-alone service)

Do you need to learn how to respond mindfully rather than merely react?

  • Learn awareness of self and your environment

  • Develop your own simple but effective breathing practice

  • Build better self-esteem and motivation with visualization meditation catered to your needs and personality

  • Cultivate your own meditation practice for mindfulness and health

  • Gain clarity of mind for better focus and productivity at work

  • Learn better conflict resolution and non-violent communication skills


Let us help you save time and money. Hire us for our expertise and precision as professional Ph.D.s and industry leaders. 

Learn by example.

Our clients have improved as professional communicators to successfully complete the following:


  • Content Writing (Blogs, Vlogs, Social Media Content)

  • Speech Writing

  • Articles & Books

  • Pitches & Presentations

  • Correspondence (Emails, Conversations)

  • Copy Editing & Copy Writing

  • Career Coaching:

  • Interview Strategies

  • Resumes, CVs, & Cover Letters

  • LinkedIn Profiles 


Long distance relationships,

dialed in.

Are you looking for communications coaching near you but not finding what you want? We have many clients outside of the Sacramento area including the SF-Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, the Research Triangle of North Carolina, Seoul, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Whether you're local or thousands of miles away, we adapt to meet your needs.

Current or Previous Clients



Wong Lerner Coaching is one of the only communication coaching / consulting firms focusing on diverse clients. We help you achieve your professional and personal goals step by step.  Dr. Shannon Wong Lerner is an industry leader. She offers you individualized programs to grow your skills in all areas of communication. Dr. Wong Lerner has worked at top public and technological universities for over two decades in the classroom and online; she serves clients from Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 corporations; she is a published scholar; and she has a humanistic approach that engages clients at all stages of their career and development. Her clients have remarkably high success rates at interviewing, landing dream jobs, learning communication skills to advance their careers, and gaining confidence as speakers and writers. 

Dr. Wong Lerner holds a Ph.D. in Communication Studies from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an M.S. in Rhetoric and Technical Writing, a B.A. degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, and an A.A. degree in Voice. Shannon is certified to teach ESL. 


See Shannon Wong Lerner's LinkedIn page for more information on WLC's Services and Recommendations.


WLC Services and Expertise: Brand Storytelling *
Public Speaking * Accent Reduction * Content Writing * Speech Writing * Writing for Publication *  Presentations * Copy Editing & Copy Writing * Interview Strategies * Resumes, CVs, & Cover Letters
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"I took a short, but intense course of accent reduction with Dr. Lerner and I can say first hand that she will be willing to work with you using very specialized tools and tailored to fit exactly your needs.


I've been working in IT for the past ten plus years, and I never realized how important it is to have effective communication with others, and how that could take or not your career into a different level, but once you are in the other side of the fence, you'll certainly know it.

My customize course was as comprehensive as I thought it would be, with three sessions per week during a three months period, were enough to boost my confidence and had a direct impact on my career.

Speak to others in a language that isn't your mother tongue it's hard, and in addition to that Silicon Valley it's all about networking so, talking with confidence it's an invaluable asset.

I'm profoundly thankful to Dr. Lerner for the mentoring and advocacy she demonstrated to my person during our sessions for accent reduction.

Me, being a non-native English speaker, I always struggled with making myself understood with my heavy accent, gradually I could see myself making progress in the daily basis as much as the sessions with Dr. Lerner were taking place.

Now I can talk more fluently with confidence knowing that my colleagues and the people around me will understand me without any problem.

From the beginning until the end of our sessions she spent the right amount of time and dedication to review my progress and make adjustments to our sessions accordingly, so you I was never having that feeling of not making progress for whatever reason.

I encourage to whoever is looking for an excellent professional in the matter to contact her and let her guide you to a path of success."

Alex Arguello from PayPal, See the review here on Yelp

"I hired Shannon as a copyeditor on an early draft of a journal essay. It became clear from the start that she held herself and her clients to a high professional standard. Shannon adopts a collaborative approach to copyediting, which implies that she is not only highly-meticulous in her work, but she is also invested in her client's growth as a writer. She made me feel comfortable and kept me in the loop throughout the process. I was pleased to receive her detailed feedback and annotations on a first draft of my essay. This feedback provided much-needed clarity about effective ways of revising the work. I recommend Shannon to anyone who does academic writing, especially in the Humanities. I am confident that she carries over this excellent work ethic to clients engaged in other forms of writing. I am sure to use her services again." 

Dr. Dotun A., Brown University, you can see this post written by the client on Yelp

"We were in need for someone to help be a key note and discuss broadly "Mindful Dialogues as Possibilities & Engagement." Shannon's skill set the tone for us to explore what barriers exist that may or sometimes inhibit efforts to engage social justice? In the classroom, as faculty, and at our institutions. She masterfully explored how to perceive user concerns, how to model of Problem Posing to address perception, expectations and experiences.  


The unpacking she did through an activity framed by Strategic Thinking & Trust Building. Her process built trust, offered possibilities on how to conduct difficult conversations, how to listen authentically, how to measure that process.  


We would not hesitate to work with Shannon again!"

Dr. Nic Zoffel, Acting Executive Director at Global Forum for Civic Affairs, you may see this recommendation written on LinkedIn

See more reviews on LinkedIn or Yelp

Alex Arguello from PayPal


Introduce yourself! Let me know something about yourself, your background, and your needs. Describe how you envision yourself writing or speaking professionally. I look forward to meeting you.


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