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Dr. Shannon's methods for speech are holistic, community-oriented, and Ivy League

Her method shows that to be a good speaker is whole person and starts with knowing yourself internally first

And to be still enough to feel and to purge your pain, trauma, anxiety

Getting rid of these toxins helps curb procrastination or indecision and inaction

And for diverse people, this includes avoiding or overcoming microaggressions, imposter syndrome, and gaslighting

to become aware of yourself, your environment, and then to be able to create change for yourself and others in community 

You do that with establishing a breathwork practice or meditation practice, learning how to visualize your goals, and create affirmations to realize these goals out in the world

And then learning how to move into the public sphere from breath to voice and then to speech

Learning how to compose your message from a public speaking & rhetoric professor

And then how to deliver in a way that feels right for you

Dr. Shannon's method promises the best of the highly rigorous Ivy League academic world, community building, and holistic wellbeing

Find out the stories behind her methods:
Public Speaking & Rhetoric
Breath and Self-Love
QPoC Cultural and Digital Storytelling
Voice Studies & Performance 
Coming Out & Community Building
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