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Wong Lerner Coaching has provided me tools and techniques to tackle the TOEFL Exam with confidence. I am better prepared to take the exam the second time, and earn a better score. Shannon took time to review my work and provided feedback before each coaching session. I felt I got so much more out of each session due to her efficient coaching style. She provided valuable insights into how to analyze, understand the language of TOEFL tasks, and write a persuasive and coherent response. Shannon takes genuine interest in helping her clients (Charu G, Reston, Virginia, you can see this post written by the client on Yelp).

I have hired Dr. Shannon Wong Lerner for the last year and a half, and since then she has helped my two kids, currently in middle/high schools with a variety of different subjects and skills. I have been impressed with Dr. Shannon's versatility with helping my kids. 

Dr. Shannon has helped my children with basic essays based on popular books, to more difficult books such as 1984 and even Shakespeare's plays, and even oral interpretation/dramatic reading with the Arthur Miller plays. She has helped my youngest son build his confidence as a reader and writer starting with creative writing and popular fiction, to critical reading on NYT journalistic pieces and more serious essay writing. 


I have been able to communicate with her as well to come up with a regular practice for my kids . She communicates with me and gives regular progress reports, she is very kind to my children, and my children feel very comfortable with Dr. Shannon. My kids' awareness of their own ability as writers and thinkers continues to grow with regular lessons with Dr. Shannon. I would recommend Dr. Shannon to any middle school or high school son or daughter of any level of education or experience of the Humanities and/or of essay writing (Jennifer Y, Shanghai, China).  

This writing coach helped me through my graduate application process. She helped me with my CV/Resume and my personal statements. I was very stressed out with the grad app process and Shannon helped me stay motivated to complete everything. I was nervous to email professors for letters of reccomendation and she helped me build courage to do it and helped me with the wording of the emails. Shannon helped me so much and I am so thankful that she did because of all the hard work she helped me through, I am now motivated to explore more programs, scholarships, fellowships, interns, and jobs.  I highly recommend this service for anyone applying to grad school. Grad school apps are stressful and long, and this writing coach really helped and I have successfully applied for a PHD program, and two SPED programs (Dilkash A, Fremont, California, you can see this post written by the client on Yelp).

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