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#Intersectionality: We Do Not Live Single-Issue Lives–Let's bring our focus to #DEI

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

I recently brought up the importance of #intersectionality to an arts-based group when I had to back out of a performance. The venue had supported POC comics who had told homophobic jokes a week or two before my show. I ended up backing out of the performance because although they supported POC, they refused to curate my show as "queer" or at the least "queer-friendly." As someone who is also a person of color and newly out, I just didn't feel safe. This is a complicated situation. But I bring it up to point out the importance of #diversity #equity #inclusion and #intersectionality in our conversations about race and queerness.

Hate should never be tolerated. Nor bigotry. I left feeling disappointed that I had put in the work to write a play precisely with the queer content and themes that would have made me feel uncomfortable at that venue. Progress doesn't have to be "perfect." Nor should it be about cancelling out people willing to learn. But as I told the organizer, it shouldn't tolerate any form of prejudice or bias. #diverseworkforce #diversitycoach #qpoc

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