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#BeHeard: Nothing Can Be Changed Until It Is Faced

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

It's a beautiful time, PRIDE 2020. There was a time not long ago when a majority of professionals or academics– whom I know–might have considered this post to be "fringe," "special interest," or "irrelevant" (to them). Now, quotes about racism from James Baldwin, Audre Lorde are popular and everyone is expected to share them. I love this! Let's keep having these conversations everyone about #diversity, #inclusion, #bias, and #microaggressions. Let's not stop with those who already agree with us. Let's break from the echo chamber. No matter how difficult. Or emotional. As James Baldwin says, let's face racism and bias head-on.

We shouldn't tolerate bigotry, Neo-Nazis, or white supremacy as Lily Zheng has recently shared on LinkedIn. Or simply cancel out those willing to listen. Above all, we should risk having those tough talks, no matter what. Our voices should #beheard.

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