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From Ph.D. to Founder of WLC: My Journey in Finding and Listening to My Authentic Voice

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Since I joined LinkedIn, I have been able to better help my clients by allowing for myself to be more honest and authentic about who I am and what I can do for them. Monumental changes have happened. I came out as queer / gay / lesbian on LinkedIn with the article, "A Love Letter to My First Rainbow Flag." The article was picked up by #BeTheRippleBlog and had 732+ views the first day! The LinkedIn Community has welcomed me as a result. I have learned so much as a diverse person from being in multiple work cultures, an R-1 university doctoral program, the largest academic press in the U.S., #ESL non-profits, corporate America, and U.S. & international governments. I have navigated all of them as a leader in my field, but I had neglected myself and my truth as someone who was not yet out. I take this opportunity to invite you to contact me so I may help you discover and grow your authentic voice. By helping you gain lifelong communication skills. And by helping you to get ahead by showing you how to create compelling business documents and speeches. Let me teach you from my experience as a #QWOC and longstanding communication specialist how to bring #diversity, #equity, and #inclusion into your professional life. Respectfully, Dr. Shannon Wong Lerner

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