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The Successful Dreamer: Create Your Opportunities

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

When a difficult situation presents itself, use your resources to create your opportunities! People might give you weird looks. And say you're not "practical" enough. See past the haters. True innovators start out as dreamers. Creative people. Out-of-the-box people.

In Paris, they are planning to build a social distancing movie theatre on the Seine River. Cinema on the Water or Cinéma sur l'Eau will be available to 150 lucky Parisians. Does this sound too strange to be happening? Or that much more romantic. And amazing? How might we envision our current state of work or life in new ways? How might we keep doing what we do to survive. Or to get ahead?

At Wong Lerner Coaching, we support you getting ahead in your career. But not at the expense of your authenticity. Your creativity. And your originality. With a combined communication coaching and consulting model, we write documents, speeches, and presentations with you and not for you. We help you take the most unusual ideas or seemingly everyday stories and turn them into compelling narratives.

As one of the few full-service communication coaching and consulting companies that caters to diverse professionals and allies, we support you to express where you come from, who you are, and how you identify. We show you how to take your unique personality and style and grow into a better writer, public speaker, or presenter. We want for you to sound and look exactly like yourself. Not like a cookie cutter version of yourself. Or not like us.

Don't sit around and sulk because you think that what you want isn't available to you. Go ahead and make opportunities for yourself. Get in contact with Wong Lerner Coaching, and we can support you in your professional and personal goals. We can also help you envision your future promotion, career transition, and/or career shift. Dream big. Aim high. And hire a professional to help you shine in the brightest possible light.

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