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My Self-Care is Not Self-Indulgent

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Whenever I deliver a speech or presentation, I make sure to follow my complete self-care regime: --Get at least 8 hours of sleep. --Do a full yoga session the night before or that morning. --Meditate. --Eat a good breakfast. --Make sure I have some R&R that weekend with family and loved ones. --Write inspirational quotes on my desk to boost my self-confidence. --Use those inspirational quotes as my mantras during meditation and before I present. --If I get nervous, take a lot of deep breaths to slow my heart-rate and to calm me down. --Remember everything I've done and accomplished to lead me to this moment in the spotlight. --Most importantly, CONNECT and RELATE to my audience. --Remember, my talk is about the audience and wanting to help them understand something about themselves. It's not about me.

Audre Lorde smiling in nature

When someone says that self-care is selfish. Remind them that you are a person. Not a machine. As a diverse person, you should treat yourself and be treated as a whole person. Especially when you are called to deliver a powerful speech. Audre Lorde had it right with her holistic philosophy of social justice. Photo reposted from @thefreeblackwomenslibrary_det

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