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Top Tip for Communication in the Workplace: Public Speaking

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Each week, I will share a top tip for communication in the workplace. In 5 minutes or less. Today, I focus on how to prepare for public speaking. Instead of being ego-driven which can bring fear and anxiety. I suggest turning within to: —check in with yourself. —take care of yourself. —and then focus on your audience. Join me in an activity to learn how to check in with yourself. And to begin your own self-care regimen. Contact Shannon Wong Lerner, Ph.D. or Wong Lerner Coaching to learn more on how to grow as a communicator. Not only do our clients have remarkably high success rates as speakers, writers, & job applicants. We treat them as whole people who thrive from life-work balance. Wong Lerner Coaching is one of the only full-service communication coaching & consulting firms that caters to diverse professionals and allies. Dr. Wong Lerner has 20+ years of academic and industry experience across several Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies, top-tier universities, NGOs, and governments. Her clients benefit from her maturity as a communication professional but also from her mixed coaching/consulting approach.

You can look at the video here

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