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Have you ever been intimidated or felt that your voice wasn't heard at the workplace?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Have you ever been intimidated or felt that your voice wasn't heard or even considered at the workplace?

--Because you come from a different culture?

--You have a different world view and perspective?

--And therefore, your difference made you seen as a detriment or as "disrespectful" of authority?

--Rather than as an asset?

--Can I see the virtual hands?

I have had this happen far too many times to me as a queer biracial BIPOC during academic collaborations, at the workplace, or even at an office space. I know now especially since BLM that these incidents were products of white privilege, racism, and/or white supremacy.

I hope that our white advocates can look deeply enough to see not just the rhetoric they're sharing now. But also the ways in which they've been a part, either actively or complicity in putting down. Silencing. Taking credit for BIPOC labor & IP. And discrediting our training and credentials. Both of which make many of us experts in our fields.

At Wong Lerner Coaching, and as a Ph.D. who has had to speak up when others tried to speak over me. I understand your struggle. I help you hone your communication skills to get ahead in the workplace while still sounding like you. If you are interested, feel free to contact me through LinkedIn or my website:

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