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Fred Alejo, Organic Food Guru Joins Us for The Intersection: Diverse Folx Converse Podcast–Episode 1

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Join us for The Intersection: Diverse Folx Converse, Official First Episode: The Busiest Room in the House is the Kitchen. With Special Guest Fred Alejo.

Come join us in a week next Wednesday, September 9, 2020 for a late-night snack of dim sum and good conversation

Episode 1 airs on our Facebook Page: Click HERE to join!

I met Fred a few months ago and as I listened to him talk, I thought, "This guy's a poet!"

As I listened to Fred's rich experiences, I could envision creating a podcast based on heartfelt conversations with clients. And learning from them and them learning from me.

Fred Alejo is a longterm manager and executive of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), a vet, and biracial Filipino American. He was born the child of a Filipino immigrant father who started growing organic vegetables and fruits. His father introduced Fred to the importance of being connected to the earth and being sustainable. Fred still identifies with the agricultural towns of N. California, to farm workers, immigrants, API vets, and his diverse staff.

In this episode, Fred and I intersect as biracial APIs and share delicious dim sum. As if we were at our auntie's kitchen table. Fred had said as APIs our cultures were both centered around food. But also stories from elders to learn about how our roots connect us to our passions today and our personalities. And we will eat!

In the spirit of a True Intersection, we will each tell our stories and listen with open ears and hearts. We will talk about how our experiences, work, and lives relate. Then you as listeners can join us from your unique starting place! To do the same.

We will talk about how we got to where we are today. And how our cultural and family life lessons informed our relationships at work. Including our relationship to food! As community-oriented people, we intersect as professionals who want our success to happen alongside our clients and staff. And fellow APIs and BIPOC. And for Fred, vets and API vets. And for me, LGBTQIA+ APIs and BIPOC.


Shannon & Fred

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