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The Intersection Podcast – The Busiest Room in the House is the Kitchen, AIRS Sept 9, 2020

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

I thought of this podcast after hearing the stories from Fred Alejo, Organic Food Guru, and CPG Manager and Executive.

Hearing about his life as the son of a Filipino immigrant and organic grower in a small N. California farming town – made me think of Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath. Fred's stories are ripe with dialogue. Characters. Imagery. And Action! His stories take on the camaraderie he feels about Central Valley farm workers whom he worked alongside as a young man.

That day, I had been watching Huang's World on VICE. Eddie Huang is a celebrity chef and writer who started a famous bao restaurant in NYC, Baohaus. Eddie yuks it up with his friends and guests and explains that the show takes on the language of the people.

With this, I got the idea to put together a podcast, The Intersection: Diverse Folx Converse. My guests and I would sit down for a meal just like Eddie Huang. And we would enjoy each other's company from different places all over the U.S. and the world. If in the U.S., I would send my guests some food of their choice. Food that fits our theme. We would offer our experience –life and work–and any advice we have as mentors for other diverse professionals.

Today is our inaugural podcast! I chose Fred Alejo to join me because he is a lot like Eddie Huang. Fred might be a leader in his industry. But his humility and passion for mentoring. And, in general to offer himself as a resource in any way he can-makes him the perfect person to kick this off!

Join Food Guru and CPG Manager and Executive, Fred Alejo and your host, Dr. Shannon Wong Lerner

For The Intersection: Diverse Folx Converse. Episode 1: The Busiest Room in the House is the Kitchen - Airing on the Podcast FB Page TODAY September 9, 2020 HERE

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