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Bring Kindness to the Workplace with me at Kindfest USA

I am excited to share that I will be speaking at Kindfest USA on December 11!

Kindfest USA is a virtual celebration and education of workplace kindness.

And part of the event proceeds will go to Born This Way Foundation, an anti-bullying campaign created by Lady Gaga—a major Diva on the scene now!

In my scholarship, I have looked to the quintessential DIVA to empower diverse people to balance the pressure of our lives.

Divas are modern powerhouses—their breath practice is what powers their virtuosic voice.

And like us, they must balance a desire to succeed with the need to be loved—which starts with loving ourselves.

I use breathwork to help my clients manage pressures, big and small, so they can always be the most EMPOWERED versions of themselves—and bring out their inner DIVAS.

I will talk more about this at Kindfest, and I hope you’ll join me!

You can learn more and register here:

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