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Diverse People–Take a Breath and Change Your Mindset for Resume & Building Interview Skills

Becoming a better interviewee, presenter, negotiator… it starts with the breath. 🧘🏿

I learned how to breathe for the first time during a yoga class at an ashram. The teacher said before we could learn any poses or chants, we had to learn to breathe.

I thought I knew all there was about this basic gesture. What more was there to learn? 🤷🏽‍♀️

I could have walked out or tuned out.

But instead I listened. I focused on my breath. And it changed my life. 🙌🏽

Breathwork has become invaluable to my work as a career coach. I share this practice with my clients. To help them gain clarity. To assess how they are now, AS THEY ARE. 🤔💭

Then I teach them how to physiologically control their breath, change their heart rate, calm their nerves. 😌

To perform at the highest level, breath becomes their most important tool. It helps them RESPOND. Not REACT.

My yoga teacher said to get rid of the breath for survival. Find the breath of the heart. 💓

Learn how to be who you are NOW. Then work toward becoming who you know yourself to be. 🌟

Whether you’re polishing your resume, building interview skills, asking for a promotion, or presenting at your next big meeting...

🙋🏽 I’m here to help you on the journey. Head to my Contact Me or LinkedIn profile and send me a message.

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