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eFEMeral Podcast,"Lift Your Voice, Embody Your Movement, Breathe Your Diversity" w/Guest–Tiffany Lin

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

There is a new episode of eFEMeral: Voice Matters Podcast coming on Oct. 2!

Join us in:

"Lift Your Voice

Embody Your Movement

Breathe Your Diversity"

See our video here

You will be having this convo with Monifa Harris, Voice Coach, Dr. Shannon Wong Lerner, Communication Coach, and Tiffany Lin Embodiment Coach

eFEMeral: Voice Matters Podcast (with Monifa Harris & Shannon Wong Lerner) is an exploration of femme/femininity culture and the performance of identity. Feminine is breath. The undefinable. The unseen. The unheard. Unrepresented. Beyond just women, we include BIPOC, gendered, and queered people. We talk about how women, BIPOC, and genderqueer, non-binary, and trans individuals are expected to perform certain roles. And how we can break from these by learning more about how to give voice to our authentic selves.

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