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"If you don't like the media, become the media." JOIN US! 🌈 We Create Podcasts for Diverse People 🦄

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

In just a few days before this monumental election, airing Halloween morning, Special Guest, Content Producer @CATPOWERMAN5000 Meme Dealer, Gentry McShane, joins The Intersection Podcast

The Intersection: Diverse Folx Converse

EPISODE 3 Politics of Filth: Memes, Britney, Divine and Election 2020

WHEN: October 31st, 2020, Halloween 🎃 morning 10AM as a YouTube Premiere. HOW: SEE our YouTube Page

"It's about creating your own little world." Gentry McShane

"Memes are the people's media." Gentry McShane

Jello Biafra said, "If you don't like the media, become the media."

I sat down with Gentry McShane last week for our pre-podcast chat to talk about the Big Issues! Memes, Censorship, Lenny Bruce, Election 2020, How to Form Community with an Online Presence


HIS 30,000 FOLLOWERS on IG who follow his memes. And the stir they cause.

ELECTION 2020 and the ways in which memes attempt to offset being inundated by the media. And polarized views. To instead, challenge you to think for yourself. And to be critical of any one-sided political ideology.

April 1964, Lenny Bruce, radical comedian being arrested at Cafe Au Go Go, Greenwich Village nightclub on obscenity charges

We continued TO TALK ABOUT: SOME HISTORY OF ANTI-CENSORSHIP from the 1920s-1960s in the U.S. for comics, writers, and producers such as Lenny Bruce, Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone), and Hunter S. Thompson. And the ways in which, as white, heterosexual men, for the most part, from affluent backgrounds, they were able to push the envelope with cultural content. At times, not unlike today. But it happens in different ways. That certain truths were being suppressed. Ignored. And masked as something else. In many ways, their stories, comedy routines, TV shows attempted to take these masks off to show society's grave denial of: Injustices. Biases. Class struggles. Taboo topics. The ways in which people were suffering. Lack of human rights. And lack of equity.

AND HOW COMMUNITY can be created outside of an echo chamber. That is, that Gentry's memes. And the delight. But also the upset they sometimes cause. Gets people talking. It makes us ACTIVE. When otherwise we might just veg out on the new season of a Netflix show like GLOW. Instead, we are compelled to SPEAK UP. We want to voice WHY this meme bothers us. Or WHY it opens up something for us. CATPOWERMAN5000 doesn't mind being THAT GUY. The guy who we love to love for his art. And his wit. But also at times. Might trigger something in us. That makes us want to exercise our civic duty. To participate in politics. And to get involved.

EVERY DAY, CATPOWERMAN5000's MEMES–some of which can be seen above–ARE razor-sharp. Hilarious...LOL moments, for me, for sure. At times, grotesque. I want to turn away. But I can't. I must look. Sometimes, I feel gutted. I feel bad for laughing so hard at the dankest of memes. I'm in a whale's belly after being consumed whole. And I'm loving the ride. Other times, I float to the surface. And I am uplifted by an emo self-care meme directed at the pandemic and mental health. Or a silly meme featuring a Sesame Street character.

All I know is that I'm always drawn back. Even if I'm falling asleep after a 12-hour day. I'm still on my phone. Checking Instagram. Looking at @CATPOWERMAN5000's AKA Gentry McShane's 10-meme runs. Always with a pop icon in the finale. Oftentimes a Diva. Which is my weakness. Many times it's Britney. Or a gay icon, like Divine (pictured above with John Waters).

Politics of Filth: Memes, Britney, Divine and Election 2020 with Special Guest Gentry McShane:

Join us for the 3rd Episode of The Intersection: Diverse Folx Converse, October 31st, 2020, Halloween morning 10AM as a YouTube Premiere. JOIN our Facebook Page to Stay Tuned.

See Our YouTube Channel For This Episode and Previous Episodes of The Intersection: Diverse Folx Converse Podcast.

Inspired by the John Waters screenplay and never produced sequel of the same title. Flamingos Forever: A radio play in poor taste.


From Gentry McShane Are you looking for a fun podcast to listen to while you work or during your next long drive, perhaps you’re in the midst of trimming a giant pile of weed and could use a lighthearted escape to pass the time?

Are you sad to miss your local live rocky horror production this Halloween or just miss pre-pandemic theatrical antics in general?

Then look no further than Flamingos Forever: A radio play in poor taste.

That’s right a real old fashioned radio play complete with bells, whistles and other sound effects.

Inspired by the John Waters screenplay and never produced sequel of the same title. I was thrilled to adapt and direct this big bold attempt at social distance theater last month with a cast from around the world and I probably won’t be reminding people to listen to it again.

Don’t just pretend to support cult art, listen to this play FOR FREE, I promise it’s not any more disgusting or low budget than our current political situation. Please go to or listen on Spotify. May the Filth be With You ❤️💣.

Dr. Shannon Wong Lerner, Communication Coach & Consultant, Cultural & Digital Storyteller


As a gay biracial Asian coach & consultant and cultural & digital storyteller, I meet you from your unique starting place. To better support you as women, BIPOC, WOC, non-native English speakers, people with learning differences, allies, & LGBTQIA+ talent. Inclusive of genderqueer, non-binary, and trans individuals.

I use a whole-person, holistic method that considers WHO you are, WHERE you come from, HOW you identify, and HOW you sound as a communicator. So you don't sound like a version of someone else. But you sound like a better version of yourself. I value life-work balance to support clients to work toward their authenticity, improved health, and well-being alongside their goals.

My love of culture, creativity, and social issues has led me to embrace my cultural & digital storyteller self 👩🏼‍🎤 with my programs and podcasts. All featuring cutting-edge diverse professionals, intellectuals, activists, and artists. To help others become thought leaders — I enjoy hosting the tutorials and podcasts:

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SERVICES: If you have been looking for a coach who cares about real issues. And helping you improve as a speaker.

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