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Nov 25 Show Up & Drop the Baggage! Tune into eFEMeral: Voice Matters Episode 6

Updated: Nov 20, 2020


Episode 6 of eFEMERAL: Voice Matters podcast

Your Presence is Required to Be in the Now: Release Baggage & Show Up with Strength!


Wednesday, November 25


Monifa Harris, Voice Coach

Dr. Shannon Wong Lerner, Communication Coach and Cultural Storyteller


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If you need a little help dropping the baggage so you can show up authentically, join us for Episode 6, just in time for Thanksgiving!

We will talk about the relationship and difference between when you:


and are IN THE MOMENT.

You may have heard PRESENCE and the NOW used as buzz words in New Age circles.

But we think of these terms as essential to how we can use our voices to be our authentic selves.

So DROP the BAGGAGE you might hold about regretting what happened in the past!

Or guilt for not having risen to the challenge of some chance to speak up for yourself!

And join us for exercises from a voice coach and communication coach who works with breath and meditation. To help you engage your PRESENCE and your sense of THE NOW!

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