Intersectionality Could Already Be Present within Our Cultures as Diverse People: Happy International Nonbinary People's Day

I came out as gay / lesbian / queer late last month on LinkedIn. And while I received a lot of positive feedback. And I felt liberated. I still have some hangups about coming out in my culture. As someone who is Jewish. And especially as someone who is biracial Asian/Chinese American. I understand what Patrice M Palmer (they/them/theirs) says in their speech about in the past, having to focus on their Blackness away from their queerness or their transness. 

Patrice M Palmer (they/them/theirs) speaks on their Blackness as a category unto itself. It's such an important talk because they draw attention to the intersectionality of queerness, of trans, of nonbinary that had always been present in Gullah culture. 

What I learned from this talk is that intersectionality should be spoken about in an intersectional way! Intersectionality could already be present within our cultures as diverse people. There's a great healing and as Patrice said, a feeling of homecoming in this thought. 

Thank you for this speech to help celebrate International Nonbinary People’s Day. You gave each of us a feeling of personhood. Of respect. Of self-love. Of community recognition–that is our own. And no one else's. 


Here is the post from Patrice M Palmer (they/them/their), introducing their TedTalk: "Are You a Man or a Woman...I'm BLACK" here


"On March 7th I became an official TEDxCSU speaker. This is a motivational word and if you enjoy it, please spread far and wide. Sending many thanks today and everyday for hearing my story and allowing me to stand on my truth!"





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