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The Process

Free Consultation 

Congratulations! You've taken the first step to get the help you need! In this free 30-minute consultation, we will get to know one another, discuss possible options for you to meet your goals, and you may ask any questions. 


Choose Your Course

We offer the following 1-1 course offerings:



Brand Storytelling

Public Speaking

Accent Reduction



Content Writing (Blogs, Vlogs, Social Media Content)

Speech Writing

Articles & Books

Pitches & Presentations

Correspondence (Emails, Conversations)

Copy Editing & Copy Writing


Career Coaching:

Interview Strategies

Resumes, CVs, & Cover Letters

Book Your Course

You're on your way! After you've chosen your course, our initial meeting will focus on an individualized plan to meet your needs and goals. Whether you need to work with me short term or long-term, we'll strategize the duration and frequency of time you need to meet your learning goals. With morning, afternoon, and evening slots, we accommodate your schedule.  

  • In order to dedicate all of our time together, I require payment up-front to ensure I maximize your coaching time. 

Start Your Journey

You've taken all of the steps needed to start your course! Together, we will work on building your skills and knowledge needed to be successful. I don't just look at your writing or your speech, but I provide an integrative, whole-person approach. To help you to work through negative thinking, writing/speaking anxiety, the complete writing and speaking process, and life-work balance. I look forward to starting our work together! 

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